Never underestimate the power a school culture has to shape the lives of the young people walking through its doors. 


Equity is the state we hope to some day arrive at. Until we arrive, we can never stop taking steps toward equity. 


It’s only when we truly understand a problem, that we can begin to work to solve it.

Let me help you take you from where you are to where you want to be.


  • “Alex not only displays a commitment to equity in his day to day work, when equity was made a core principle of our district Alex led and organized a building wide book study taking place throughout the year. Not only did he help facilitate these, but he went above and beyond by hosting/sharing his podcasts with the staff as well as bringing in the books author during our professional development session!”

  • “Alex has a unique ability to lead while allowing and motivating teachers to carve out their own path towards success.  Whether informally stopping in to observe and point out the positives in a classroom or taking the time to offer genuine and teacher centered feedback on a given task Alex helps schools shift toward the culture they want by encouraging and empowering teachers.”

  • “Alex has years of experience implementing restorative practices in multiple schools. He understands the background work that goes into building those systems so that when a restorative moment is needed, everyone is a ready and willing participant.”

  • “Alex has a talent for helping teams tease out the culture they want to build, identifying the gaps in their implementation and working with them to build a plan towards making their school a place where everyone feels welcome.”

  • “Alex understands that the best schools are built by the people that work in them every day. He uses his experience to push teams to a depth of thought that helps them generate creative ideas to solve complex problems.”

  • “Alex’s work at Dottke PBL High School has translated well to working with other school teams. Designing non-traditional learning experiences is a specialty of his, working with teachers to re-imagine what is possible for all students within whatever constraints they currently have.”

  • “Alex has a wealth of experience using tools around human centered design to generate change in schools. His focus on design methods helps drive teams to producing solutions, moving beyond imagining things can be different and into the process of making those dreams a reality.”