Rethinking The Inner City

53206 Cast

Since 2006 my wife and I have lived in the poorest zip code in the state of Wisconsin. 53206 is located on the north side of Milwaukee is the commonly referred to as the inner city. After spending the last 17 years living in a neighborhood very different than the one I grew up in, both my wife and I are committed to helping those not familiar with the unique challenges facing inner city spaces rethink and challenge their assumptions for what life is like for the residents of one of the areas most challenging places to live. 

Equitable Design For Our Most Marginalized Students

Marginal Design

The combination of spending almost my entire adult life living in one of the most marginalized communities in the country and working with a large urban district’s students at risk of non graduating high school has helped me to find those small moves or habits that yield big results for students that we can reasonably predict will struggle in school. Marginal Design gives attempts to define those strategies and gives practical advice for educators who want to give the best educational experience possible for students of economic disadvantage. 

A Guide To Help You On Your Entrepreneurial Journey

An Hour Early Podcast

I produce and throw my two cents in to the Hour Early Podcast. Hosted by former school administrator Aaron Womack Jr, An Hour Early teaches, motivates, and inspires those who want more out of their current set of circumstances.